Graphic designer

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Working @ LESIX Publicis Conseil
& studying @ Gobelins, l'école de l'image


I like simple ideas, easy and meaningful design.
A design that aims to be helpful, useful and accessible.
I am currently studying interactive design at Gobelins while working within Publicis’ Talent Incubator : LESIX.

Gobelins, l'école de l'image

I spent a year studying Motion Design, supervised by experienced designers, and I am now following an Interactive Design course while working at Publicis Conseil.


On Les Champs Elysées (yay), at Publicis' Headquarters, I work with other students on carefully choosen projects, supervized by a Senior Creative Director.


This is where I first discovered design. I spent three years studying it, then I specialized in graphic design for two more years.
2016 Motion Design Space Junk and the story of the FengYun-1C
Duration : 1:06
A minute long film explaining the concerning issue of space junks, through the story of a chinese satellite that exploded in 2007.
In collaboration with the french newspaper Courrier International. Voice over by Gabriel Chauvet-Peillex.
2017 Motion Design Pathé célèbre le coq !
Duration : 0:32
Directed with Mathilde Herard.
2017 is the year of the roaster. Pathé celebrates its lucrative and succesful past year a wishes everyone a happy new year! This film was broadcasted in Pathé-Gaumont movie theaters during summer 2k17.
Sound Design by Vincent Hazard.
2017 Print Call to action
Stratégie Martiale : 14.7x21.8cm, 16p
Commando 15.2x18.8cm, 24p
Riposte 10x18cm, 20p
Three booklets, each focusing one aspect of my three months long internship at Publicis Conseil, before being hired. Three identities, three objects, for three overlapping but different opinions.
A "starting kit" for any graphic designer who wants to make his way in a communication agency.
2017 Interactive Design Intrusio — Petite Galerie du Louvre

With Sophie Laplace
2016 Motion Design Leon + Simone = ♥
Duration : 0:44
In a world where everything is flaccid, Leon is driving to a party.